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Turbocharge your workforce with personalized
upskilling and reskilling.

Solution: Upskilling and Reskilling

Be ready for the future of work by developing your organization’s talent to take on new challenges with a personalized approach to skill building.  Impact performance and stay competitive as you develop employees to close skill gaps by leveraging the right solution that adapts to each learner, builds confidence, and optimizes speed to competency.


Upskilling/Reskilling Challenges Faced

The world is accelerating toward greater automation, and the digital transformation of business continues to amplify. This is shifting the division of labor between humans and machines to the point where upskilling and reskilling has become the top priority for a majority of learning leaders. In addition, cost-cutting measures resulting in job consolidations, outsourcing, and COVID-related remote-work job redesign are contributing to the reskilling push.

Developing employees for new roles rather than always hiring for new skills can pay great dividends that include employee engagement as people see the commitment to growing skills from within. However, there are several challenges to overcome:

First, how to identify skill gaps

Orchestrating training to fill important skill gaps across a large employee base is nearly impossible with conventional learning models and systems. 

Varied starting points

Without a way to measure or account for employees’ varied levels of existing knowledge and skills, it is difficult to know where to start, and a one-size-fits-all approach is wasteful and un-engaging.

Slow, inconsistent process

Often, when it becomes clear that new skills are needed, the goal is to grow them asap.  But disparate and disjointed content sources and learning modalities make acquiring new skills difficult and cumbersome for employees to navigate.


Not knowing if they really know

Managers and leaders have no way to know whether the new skills have actually been learned or applied and employees have no measuring stick to judge their own progress toward learning the new skills. 

No real-time insights

Measuring learner progress and skill competence in detail is missing from most reskilling efforts.  Measurements that do exist don't adapt the learning process in ways that positively impact performance. 

Over-Reliance on eLearning

Reskilling and upskilling is often a 100% self-led endeavor leaning on an eLearning approach with no mechanism for blending in instructor-led training or coaching touchpoints. Learners miss out on blended learning benefits to ask questions, discuss applications, and build relationships. Supplementing self-led learning with live coaching is vital to support skill-building, but offering it is typically an after-thought because it's too difficult to implement and manage a multi-modal learning experience that is easy for the Leaner and Coaches to engage with.

Difficult to scale

Reskilling and upskilling should be available to the entire workforce, in all locations, maintaining diversity and equity of learning efforts. Without the right technology, L&D is limited in how far it can go to enable all employees equal opportunity to grow their skill base.

Upskilling/Reskilling Essentials

Several key components working together seamlessly will help maximize your upskilling and reskilling results:

Journey Mapping

Provide a GPS-like map view detailing each employee's skill-building learning journey (not just a Netflix playlist) visible not just to the learners but to all the key stakeholders as well. 

Personalized Pathways

Like a GPS, each learner's skill-building pathway adjusts dynamically adapting to context, pacing, prior knowledge, knowledge gaps, etc. optimizing the speed to competency.

Blended Approach

Blending self-led to instructor-led to virtual-led to coaching modalities as needed, seamlessly, helps maximize efficiencies, effectiveness and relevance for all stakeholders. 

Measuring Learning

Measuring knowledge and knowledge progression in detail to be confident that employees are learning and will be ready to demonstrate new skills on-demand.

Coach for Performance

Giving coaches and managers a GPS-view into each leaner's progression enables them to know where to focus so they can make a bigger impact with less effort to aid each learner's journey.

In The Flow of Work

Enable skill-building on-demand by allowing learning in the flow of work as little or as much as needed. Provide knowledge reinforcement exercises and deliver updates when needs change.

Gather Instant Feedback

Gather continuous feedback to ensure the learning experience is engaging, employees are confident and outcomes are being achieved.  

Ongoing Learning

Make skill-building a natural, organic part of work enabling employees to navigate and manage their learning pathways day-to-day easily and effectively. 

Keys to Upskilling/Reskilling Success

Realizeit enables you to deliver a personalized reskilling and upskilling experience that helps employees quickly develop new skills and turn them into competencies. When Realizeit’s adaptive intelligent learning system is added to any learning ecosystem, personalized learning is possible for any size organization. To get a feel for what reskilling and upskilling are like with Realizeit, read on.

GPS for Upskilling and Reskilling

Representation of a diagram that indicates onboarding knowledge
  • Provide a detailed and personalized skill-building plan for each learner.
  • The learning map puts learners in control.
  • Learners visualize the path to acquiring a new skill and can chart their own course.
  • Visual feedback helps learners view progress, focus on challenges, and see what’s next.

Adaptive Intelligence Engine

Mockup of a panel that compares the achievements of different learners
  • Personalize reskilling and upskilling through multiple levels of AI-powered adaptivity.
  • Engage employees as the system adapts to their strengths and knowledge gaps.
  • Optimize speed to competency while ensuring each employee is fully prepared.
  • Adapt to employees' roles, location, and context so learning is relevant.

Blended Learning Experience

Mockup of Realizeit panels indicating information about on-site training
  • Deliver all modalities of learning, from self-led to instructor-led and shoulder-to-shoulder.
  • Provide varied approaches to maximize engagement throughout the reskilling journey.
  • Reskill on the go, in the flow of work, enabling learning in bite-sized chunks from anywhere.
  • Ensure everyone makes progress by integrating as one-on-one coaching.

Assess Progress Accurately

Mockup of a Realizeit panel indicating student progress
  • Provide a variety of assessment types, from self-led eLearning knowledge checks to virtual and in-person coaching reviews and check-ins.
  • Know exactly what learners know and what they don’t know with precision.
  • Mark progress with live one-on-one coaching sessions and assessment rubrics you design.
  • Deliver progress to leaders, instructors, and coaches via personalized portals.

Automated Skill Reinforcement

A Realizeit window expressing information about a learner's weekly progress
  • Enable continuous learning in the flow of work tied to the core learning content.
  • Build a single knowledge repository that automatically feeds knowledge reinforcement learning activities.
  • New skills are reinforced with microlearning moments in bite-sized chunks.

Actionable Analytics

Mockup of a Realizeit panel with smiley faces showing student progress analytics
  • Visual dashboards provide a precise measure of what learning has taken place.
  • Understand each learner’s progress in detail and identify specific areas for live coaching.
  • Access detailed metrics from assessment level down to the question level.
  • Analyze learner feedback to improve the reskilling/upskilling process.

Communication and Feedback Tools

Mockup of a survey about a course on the fundamentals of banking
  • Integrate feedback in the reskilling journey directly in the learning GPS.
  • See the exact point where feedback was provided.
  • Provide surveys at specific points in learning.
  • Know how your employees feel and gather suggestions for improving the experience.
  • Enable cohort discussions.
  • Integrate mentoring and side-by-side training.

Performance Support

Mockup of exam for safety practices
  • Support learning when new skills are used.
  • Access knowledge through the learning map to enhance recall with visual cues.
  • An intelligent search brings the most relevant content to the forefront at time of need.
  • Log questions on content and learning materials that feed back to content developers.

Any Depth Curriculum

Mockup of a graph indicating course curriculum
  • Provide true guidance for skill building, not just a playlist of modules to review.
  • Curate the detailed skills curriculum that each topic demands, with a variety of skill-building content and touchpoints in a coordinated journey.
  • Create a knowledge model to precisely measure learning achievement.
  • Include custom in-house content, third-party courses, existing content in your learning ecosystem, and more.

Adaptive Learning platforms allow managers to instantly train employees on the specific competency improvement needs and assess them pre- and post-training. The application of these and other new developments has long-term potential for our organization, especially as pressure to lower costs and increase efficiency drive digitization and are essential to improve business management and ensure safe operations.

Mark Smith, Vice President, Human Resources at Petroleum Geo-Services

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