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Enable success with personalized product training.

Solution: Product Training

If your product is not well understood by everyone who needs to know, your business will not thrive.  Product knowledge is no longer just the domain of Sales. Many roles are dependent on understanding the product, each with a unique take on what is needed to be successful.  Product knowledge is needed internally by sales, customer service, and marketing for starters.  But customers and partners also have critical needs to learn your product.  Each stakeholder has particular areas of focus.  With personalized learning you can create product training that exceeds everyone's expectations and drives performance.


Product Training Challenges Faced

Product training is a challenge because it involves detailed information that is needed at different levels by a variety of stakeholders.  Whether training sales, customer service, marketing, customers, or partners, each has a different set of needs to be successful.  Keeping product knowledge up to date is critical, and having knowledge that is easily accessible at the point of need is a must.

Check out the list of challenges to see how your experience relates to areas where Realizeit can help.

Varied learning needs

Many roles have a different take on what they need from product training, but tailoring to each role is time consuming.

Too busy for training

Everyone has a day job, and while learning the product is important, sales, service, and a marketing's duties don't stop. Achieving faster uptake of product knowledge and providing access to training in the flow of work is critical to help learning occur with limited time

Poor knowledge retention

Product knowledge is not easily retained, and there is often no way to easily recall training content when needed. Product training materials are often difficult to search and find exactly what is needed in the moment and in context of the training experience.

Training updates are time consuming

Product training updates tend to be frequent and detailed in nature.  The content update, distribution, and review process is either slow or not well targeted to ensure employees, partners, and customers remain up to date. Improving the process seems out of reach.

Extending to customers and partners

Developing product training for partners and customers is often a completely separate exercise, which increases effort and results in inefficiencies. But building product training that is reusable, adaptable, and accessible both internally and externally is a major undertaking without the right technology.

Overemphasis on eLearning

Elearning is an appropriate choice for much of the product training journey. But the benefits of blended learning are real and without some live interaction, many questions will go unanswered and misconceptions will fester.

Product Training Essentials

Product training can drive performance when you incorporate the following essential components:

Tailored for different roles

Each variation of product training should adapt from one knowledge base to support the needs of different roles, including sales, service, marketing, customers, and partners.

In the flow of work

Enable learning anywhere by allowing product learners to transition between intensive study and learning in the flow of work. Make it easy for learners to build product skills.

Reinforce product knowledge

Automatically reinforce your most important product training by triggering microlearning moments to ensure skills are solidified after they are first learned.

Blend interactive experiences

Combine self-led learning with live interaction to give learners the chance to ask questions and understand more context about the product. Help employees apply product skills to deepen their understanding.

Make product training easy to recall

When product training must be recalled at the point of need, performance support for employees is critical to search for and find details so the proper facts are communicated.

Assurance of product knowledge

Multiple stakeholder groups need strong assurances that employees have been comprehensively vetted on product topics, both in depth and breadth.

Keys to Product Training Success

Realizeit enables you to deliver a personalized product training experience that helps internal and external learners quickly acquire product skills and incorporate them for job success. To get a feel for what product training is like with Realizeit, read on. 

Role-Based Learning Paths

Mockup of a graph indicating course completion
  • Provide a detailed product training plan that fits each learner's role.
  • Show where products can be learned in parallel and where dependencies exist.
  • When products overlap, allow repeat learning to be bypassed based on prior training.
  • Develop a learning knowledge base for all products to create consistent and easily tailored training across roles.

Adaptive Intelligence Engine

Mockup of a page indicating learner profiles
  • Personalize product training through multiple levels of AI-powered adaptivity.
  • Adapt training to role, geography, individual experience, and skills from related products so learning is relevant.
  • Engage learners as the system adapts to their strengths and knowledge gaps.
  • Optimize speed to competency while ensuring each learner has built the requisite skills for success.

Assess Progress Accurately

Mockup of learner analytics panels indicating specific problems
  • Ensure frontline workers, including Sales and Service experts, are prepared to interact with customers and prospects.
  • Deliver learning progress information to leaders, instructors, and coaches via personalized portals.
  • Provide a variety of assessment types, from self-led eLearning assessments to virtual and in-person coaching reviews and check-ins.

Blended Learning Experience

A video call taking place on a laptop
  • Enhance product training by blending self-led exercises with instructor-led sessions to help solidify product concepts.
  • Deliver all modalities of learning, from self-led to instructor-led and shoulder-to-shoulder.
  • Train on the go, in the flow of work, to learn product skills in bite-sized chunks from anywhere.

Product Knowledge Reinforcement

Mockup of Realizeit panels indicating the learning map for a learner
  • Automate the product knowledge reinforcement process.
  • Cue up quiz questions based on controlled and AI-based criteria.
  • Gamify the knowledge testing process with point totals and any number of leaderboard options.

Performance Support

Mockup of a Realizeit panel indicating a question
  • Easily recall product knowledge when new skills are used.
  • Access product training content via the familiar learning that remains available for effective recall.
  • Intelligent search brings the likely content to the forefront at time of need.
  • Log questions on content that are fed back to content developers.
  • Bookmarks and notes are a click away.

Automate Product Training Updates

Realizeit window with course curriculum and prerequisites
  • Keep everyone up to date on product knowledge by automating the process of distributing and retesting on changes and new information.
  • Keep employees current in the flow of work as product content is revised.
  • Reduce the need for costly and ineffective live training sessions for small changes.
  • Know for certain that changes have been reviewed and understood.

Actionable Analytics

Mockup of Realizeit window indicating course completion
  • Analytics gathered from your product training modules become a precise measure of what learning has taken place.
  • Understand each learner’s progress in detail and identify specific areas for live coaching.
  • Provide feedback to the product team on where training time is spent and where learning challenges are most common.

Based on our deep experience with LMS' and other learning systems, we were thinking we'd have to build a proprietary system ourselves to meet our needs... then we met Realizeit. Everyone else had pieces. Realizeit was the only one with an end-to-end solution and the ability to shape their technology to deliver everything we needed.

Senior Executive, Training Innovation at Fortune 50 Public Company

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