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With an AI-powered adaptive learning system, Realizeit customers can now offer continuous, integrated, life-long learning solutions that works for employees and stakeholders across modalities for all moments of learning.

The five (5) most common use cases where personalized, adaptive solutions deliver value at scale are:  new hire training and onboarding; upskilling/reskilling; cross-training; product training and compliance.

AI-Powered Personalization at Scale

Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

This multinational Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and biotechnology company has been on a strategic mission to streamline their global learning ecosystem, reducing it from over 75 learning systems globally to fewer than 15. Naturally, they continue to operate LMS, LXP, and LCMS technologies among others but these systems don't deliver the deep personalization the company needs to modernize and maximize the benefits of personalization at scale for their 75,000 employees globally spanning dozens of countries and languages.  Hence, they adopted Realizeit's AI-powered adaptive learning technology to design and implement solutions across a range of use cases.

Innovating New Hire Training for Clinical Leaders

Global Healthcare Provider

This Fortune 500 retail healthcare company is one of the world’s largest, offering high-quality products and services in several specialty areas in thousands of clinical sites across the globe with over 200,000 employees working in dozens of countries.  Clinical leaders are key personnel to high-quality patient care and efficient operations.  Their L&D leaders are pursuing a personalization strategy to become more business-centric and learner-centric which means being more intentional and effective designing and delivering personalized, adaptive training and learning programs that meet the performance needs of the business and adapt to new clinical leaders to maximize their speed to competency while minimizing the time it takes to get them there accounting for each person's prior knowledge and experience.  

Making New-Hire Training More Efficient and Effective

Retail Healthcare Provider

This Fortune 500 organization is the largest U.S.-based retail healthcare provider in their area of specialty with over 65,000 employees serving patients across thousands of locations.  Hiring thousands of new nurses and technicians is a continuous year-round priority.  Training these new hires can take up to 3 months to assure requisite competences to perform their duties.  The company pursed adaptive learning to achieve it's goal of competency assurance while also reducing labor-training hours and reducing the stress of training resources across the system.  The results will be a more efficient and effective onboarding program benefiting all stakeholders in the new hire onboarding process.

Optimizing Learning for Frontline Employees

Media and Entertainment Company

The hero in this learning transformation story is a Fortune 100 company in the media and entertainment industries with a tradition of blue-chip training and learning programs for its large frontline workforce - over 125,000 employees globally.  They have been methodically implementing adaptive training and learning in the flow of work in the field achieving their mission to upgrade, modernize and optimize learning that is engaging and delivers new levels of visibility and precision to key stakeholders, supervisors and leaders to support operational performance. 

Preparing Professionals For High-Stakes Certification Exams

Professional Education

This is a tale of two companies joining forces with Realizeit to design and deliver an innovative, adaptive exam-prep solution for candidates preparing for their professional licensure exams to become new teachers. One company specializes in testing, assessment, and certification where the other brings expertise in teacher training and professional development.

Given the growing demand for qualified teachers and the wide range of educational backgrounds among candidates, this joint-effort is delivering exam-preparation programs by subject.  Leveraging adaptive learning, the new prep products personalize and adapt to the unique strengths and weaknesses of each candidate enabling them to focus on filling in their knowledge gaps, know their areas of strengths and practice until they are confident to sit for their exams.

Competency Assurance At Sea

Energy Industry

This advanced technology company with headquarters in Europe operates deep-sea vessels staffed by seamen, engineers and geophysists from around the globe.  They provide marine geophysics solutions used in oil and gas mining operations by the largest energy companies.  On-going up-skilling, re-skilling and refresh training is vital to operations that take place thousands of miles out at sea.  They are turning to adaptive learning solutions to optimize and verify competencies among work crews that have new hires working alongside tenured veterans maintaining machinery and equipment vital to on-going operations and crew safety.

It’s time to modernize and make training personal.

With Realizeit, personalized training and learning, linked to performance is not only possible, it’s here — Now.


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