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Break free of tradition to become a more potent and effective educator

Student Success

Teaching is far from easy. Let our intelligent technology do the heavy lifting so you can focus on helping each of your students be successful.

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Create the learning experience you've always dreamed of

Highly engaged students

Unlock the ability to infuse the classroom with more active learning and create a dynamic experience that deeply engages your students.

More affordable for students

Easily create original content and use open educational resources (OER) content, passing the savings onto the student.

Less admin, more teaching

Let our intelligent technology reduce your administrative workload so you can focus on what you enjoy most – teaching and engaging with each of your students.

Greater student success

Use Realizeit as the catalyst for achieving higher performance – raising pass rates, elevating mastery, and improving student satisfaction.

Provide an effective, efficient, and personalized experience

First-of-its-kind platform

Rich, adaptive learning experiences that meet your students where they are. Tailor your instruction to what is really needed for their success.

With Realizeit, you will elevate your game. Unlock your ability to easily tailor your instruction and interventions to give each student or group of students just the right amount of personal attention they need to succeed.

Types and sources of content

Create your courses in Realizeit using your original content, integrate OER and publisher content, and embed external tools. Build a wide variety of assignments and assessments from machine-graded to instructor-graded. Use your proprietary content sitting in documents, presentations, PDF's, video and audio files, etc. Author new content and assessments, integrate external publisher content in HTML, XML, and ePUB formats. Embed external tools using SCORM, LTI, and HTML to create a seamless experience for your learners, using our authoring, ingestion, and integration features.

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Building your course

Create the adaptive teaching and learning experience you've always wanted by using the Realizeit authoring and publishing tools. We will guide you through our proven methodology to help you design and develop the course that best fits your needs. Our learning designers are there to assist. Let us help augment where you need help whether it is in course building, integrating with the LMS, or subject matter expertise for content and assessments. We will help you and support you every step of the way.

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Integrating into your environment

Realizeit's built-in LTI integrators will seamlessly connect and integrate your adaptive course with your LMS, so that LTI based activation and grade pass-back happen automatically. We support all commercial LMS' and even custom LMS integrations.

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Experiences that deliver outcomes

With an "outcomes focused" design, Realizeit's versatile and flexible system can be used to create the adaptive course and experience that matters most to you. Our system is designed to be responsive to your needs and challenges, so whether it is improving engagement, enhancing homework, dealing with large class sizes, improving grades, or facilitating active learning environments, you can build the adaptive course that helps you achieve your goals.

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Flexible options

We offer a variety of licensing options depending on committed user volume that is usage based.

Professional and Support Services associated with design, development, and implementation are scoped on a per project basis.

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Success delivered

Realizeit enables what we have known for years - students learn best when they are able to manage their own learning time and pace in a way that reinforces knowledge acquisition.

Charles Dziuban, PhD Director, Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness

University of Central Florida

The promise of personalized learning is improving student success at scale. This is what Realizeit is helping us accomplish. We have deployed the platform's powerful adaptive engine to a variety of disciplines, allowing us to achieve improved student performance in multiple departments across the university.

Thomas Cavanagh, PhD Vice Provost for Digital Learning

University of Central Florida

Realizeit has allowed us to use MATLAB in a much more potent and effective way in my Engineering Dynamics course. Previously more than 75% of the students simply opted out of doing MATLAB altogether. Now with Realizeit, students see the practical effect of using MATLAB on their assessments, and this motivates them to spend time learning it, with real time helping them see the actual real engineering value of using such tools, which will be important throughout their careers.

Matt Davies Professor of Mechanical Engineering

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Personalized learning is crucial in gateway progression courses, where so much variability exists in students' prior knowledge and ability, before they enroll in the gateway course. Realizeit's technology reduces that variability once they've finished the course, which contributes to student's success in the next course in the progression.

Garvey Pyke Director, Center for Teaching & Learning

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Transform the traditional classroom

Versatile and robust

More active learning, more engagement and more student success.

Realizeit is a digital solution that serves a diverse set of academic institutions (i.e. universities, K-12, graduate, large gateway courses, etc.). Start small and pay as you grow. Institutions can maximize value by using one system to accommodate the diverse needs of their faculty.

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