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A letter from our CEO

Manoj Kulkarni, Chief Executive Officer at Realizeit

Manoj Kulkarni

Chief Executive Officer, Realizeit

We are all about innovation in teaching and learning — born out of a desire to change the status quo, forged in excellence and experience.

When we created Realizeit in 2007, it was with a deep desire to change the way businesses and educational institutions approached learning to shift from the traditional and generic emphasis on tasks, content and time to the individual learner’s required mastery of knowledge. What made us (a group of teachers, researchers, and technologists) different was the realization that individual knowledge mastery translates to elevated human performance.

At Realizeit, we strongly believe in the exponential power of people and platforms. Whether you’re a professional training the workforce of your organization or an educator guiding students to success along their educational journey, there’s a better and modern way to approach learning. That is the epiphany behind our creation of the Realizeit platform – an intelligent adaptive learning environment that can be tailored to fit the individual learner, the individual educator and the individual organization.

We disrupt the one-size-fits-all learning model by seamlessly embedding learning science and technology while preserving and amplifying the art of the teaching and learning. Learners benefit from much needed one-on-one instruction receiving personalized, actionable feedback along their journey and as educators you can lean on us to help you become that best teacher for every learner. In the end, it is all about realizing the true and complete value of learning for every learner.

That’s the power of adaptive learning, and we’re here to help you harness it. Let’s realize it together!

Our Why

We are passionate about infusing the art of teaching with the science of learning.

Rigorous research and significant experience with instruction undergird Realizeit’s individualized approach to digital learning. As former educators ourselves, we recognize that each individual approaches learning differently. Teaching and Training must be brought and shaped to the learner, not the other way around. We are disrupting traditional methods and helping realize the benefits of one-on-one learning at scale. The result? Learning becomes a continuous, personalized process that’s constantly changing to help learners develop mastery.

Our Core Values

Be fearlessly Original

We have the courage to always be authentic and first-of-its-kind, continuously striving to chart new territory.

Act with Integrity

We always focus on doing the right thing for every stakeholder.

Engage with Empathy

We put ourselves in the shoes of every stakeholder and understand what really matters to them. Empathy for the stakeholder guides our choices in how we design our technology and services for our customers.

Be Collaborative

We strive to be a trusted advisor to every customer, leveraging our collective expertise to deliver maximum value and to adapt to your unique needs.

Create lasting Impact

We are energized and motivated to deliver disruptive, transformational, and sustainable results and benefits.

Intelligent Learning Technology

Our intelligent learning platform is accessible and customizable to any organization and educator that aspires to achieve one-on-one learning success for every learner.


Serving your Niche

Our versatile and flexible platform is designed to deliver learning in any subject matter and across any industry in training and education contexts. Our experts can help make your vision a reality.


Global Citizens

With locations in Chicago and Dublin, our global operations team serves educators across the globe.


Real Impact

Get measurable insights to harness your team's deepest potential, and the confidence to forecast their growth over time.


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Experts in Instruction and Learning Technology

With nearly 100 years of combined experience – particularly within the software and educational technology sectors – our expert team has provided consultation, development, and real-time education delivery for a number of the world’s most prestigious organizations. Our background and expertise span a variety of engineering, research, and management institutions on four continents, and lend themselves to a truly globally oriented leadership team.

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Make Your Case for Adaptive Learning!

You want to make an impact. You want to modernize learning, but you aren’t sure what that means. You’ve heard of adaptive learning and like the concept but are not sure what it can really do for you. This webinar will answer your questions about what Realizeit’s adaptive learning system can do to make a real impact for you by making learning more effective and efficient!