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Engaging Employees for Peak Performance With
Personalized Learning

Fortune 100 Media and Entertainment Company

How a Blue-Chip Organization Where Training Is Critical Transformed Itself

At a Glance

A Fortune 100 company known for excellence in frontline training modernized their learning approach to make it mobile and adaptive, scaling to 100,000+ employees across hundreds of job classifications. The results have been numerous.


Greater confidence that employees are truly prepared to perform their roles and real-time visibility into workforce readiness.


From improved speed to competency for new learners to cross-training with less effort and better utilization of trainers, learning is more efficient.

Better Engagement

Employees are more engaged -- acquiring and retaining more knowledge which leads to an increase in customer satisfaction

Adapt to the individual employee

Ability to know what each employee already knows and automatically adapt training to their skill level, allowing them both to perform their current role and expand into new roles more efficiently and effectively

Continuously Updated

Update training that occurs in the flow of work by serving up nearly a million edits to training material per year. The architecture allows this to occur far more efficiently, saving significant time for learners, trainers, and L&D staff

The attractiveness of the platform is its digital mobile experience, but the value is in its 'adaptive piece.' To know what workers already know and map that against what they need to know, then delivering the missing pieces eliminates so much wasted redundancy in our legacy one-size-fits-all training.

Senior Executive, Training Innovation at Fortune 50 Public Company

About the Company

The hero at the center of our story is a brand name entertainment and media conglomerate. With over 220,000 employees globally, they are at the forefront of consumer experiences and services.

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Challenges and Objectives

This high-impact company looked to rethink their training strategy to deliver on a number of objectives:

  • Transform operational training to be more relevant and engaging for their workforce.
  • Introduce better method to manage the dissemination of knowledge throughout the organization.
  • Give line managers confidence that their workforce is continuously qualified to perform their roles.
  • Introduce a better method to measure and understand the efficacy of training in service to operational performance.
  • Reduce the number of training hours/days annually through optimization lowering costs and increasing productivity.
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After an exhaustive search to find a solution that could fulfill their vision for transformation (including evaluating dozens of learning technology providers) Realizeit was chosen to become the company’s strategic partner.The initial deployment included designing and implementing adaptive solutions to serve 130,000+ frontline staff across hundreds of job functions at their largest operational centers. The implementation integrates seamlessly with the company’s legacy learning ecosystem and interoperates in real time with several existing systems to deliver seamless training and learning experiences. The next-generation learning system covers all frontline roles ranging from customer relations to machine operators to maintenance engineers. The solution encompasses a broad spectrum of learning situations.

The company determined that their legacy systems could not deliver on the new vision of a more modern, personalized learning experience. The approach with Realizeit fulfilled their comprehensive needs including a mobile experience for learning in the flow of work which is personalized, efficient, effective, and continuous, all while delivering the solution at scale.



Learning Journey

Every employee’s learning journey is now tracked in detail, giving them a personalized map for growing into new roles, leading to increased employee engagement.


Employee's Readiness

Each employee’s readiness to perform multiple frontline roles is accurately tracked, and this information is used to ensure peak performance for the employee and the organization.


Enabling Trainers

Trainers are better utilized with personalized shoulder-to-shoulder training.  They can also expand their skills, providing more staffing options to ensure continuous operations.


Cross Training

Cross training for new roles has been optimized through Realizeit’s adaptive intelligence. Each employee’s skills are measured, tracked, and applied to competency requirements for similar roles making the cross-training more efficient and generating significant savings in training costs annually.


Consistent Content and Process

All content can be managed digitally in one platform which streamlined the review process and reduced the amount of content to review where previously over 14,000 training and learning documents were managed in multiple formats and modalities.


Training Updates In the Flow

The annual training update process was streamlined to generate significant labor savings by allowing trainers to make updates in the flow of work which included automated workflows covering nearly one million content updates per year.

Based on our deep experience with LMS' and other learning systems, we were thinking we'd have to build a proprietary system ourselves to meet our needs... then we met Realizeit. Everyone else had pieces. Realizeit was the only one with an end-to-end solution and the ability to shape their technology to deliver everything we needed.

Senior Executive, Training Innovation at Fortune 50 Public Company


This Fortune 100 company found a strategic partner in Realizeit which they joined forces with to deliver a modern adaptive learning experience to ensure their 100K+ employees are trained to meet their exacting standards for customer service. The result has been improvement in skills management and development, significant labor savings, higher quality training content that is updated with less effort, and a modern learning experience that engages all employees involved in the learning process to achieve their maximum potential.

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  • New hire training
  • Cross-training
  • Training refreshes
  • Training updates
  • Reference and support

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