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Upskilling to Prepare for
High-Stakes Exams

Customer Story: Leading Education services Company

Helping Teacher Candidates Achieve Career Goals with Personalized Learning


About the Company

This is a tale of two companies joining forces with Realizeit to deliver an innovative solution for helping teachers prepare for their certification exams. One company specializes in testing, assessment, and certification where the other brings expertise in teacher training and professional development.

The testing organization is a leader in the field known for assessments built on rigorous research and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

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Challenges and Objectives

Test-taking confidence was impacting the ability to supply enough qualified teachers.

Challenge: Teacher Supply

While the demand for teachers keeps increasing, the supply of qualified new teacher candidates is suspect. Furthermore, there is a concerted effort to get more minorities into the teaching ranks in every state across the country. However,  certification examination success was lagging for with African-American and Hispanic minorities.

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Challenge: Confidence

At the root of lower test performance is an overall lack of confidence. There are two reasons why these candidates struggle. First, a candidate’s knowledge of the subject matter may be insufficient, likely because it has been many years since they studied the subjects they intend to teach. The second reason is test-taking anxiety. For many reasons that vary between candidates, some people are just not as comfortable with test taking, especially when they have not been in a testing situation for years.



  • Solve the candidate failure-rate problem by creating a more personalized, adaptive test preparation product designed to improve test passing rates.
  • Prepare teacher candidates to enter the certification with more confidence and more mastery resulting in greater success on the exams.
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All three firms worked together to design and create the revised test preparation suite aimed at enabling a diverse group of aspiring teacher candidates to achieve their goal and become certified as professional teachers. Given that the teacher candidates are generally starting from varying levels of skill in each subject, the adaptive and personalized approach helps them prepare faster and validate that they know the material sufficiently as the system guides them on a personalized test preparation pathway.


Visual learning

Visual learning map showing achievement toward the goal.


Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant to encourage learner progress.


AI-based guidance

AI-based guidance to slow down when more practice is recommended and speed up when sufficient skill levels are demonstrated.


Practice question automation

The system automatically generates practice questions saving significant effort that would be spent creating a question and answer repository.

Why Realizeit?

Ability to adapt automatically to learner’s strengths and weaknesses.

Confidence-building techniques including the visual learning map (GPS) and virtual assistant.

Ability to support licensing options for B2C access to test prep modules.

AI-powered adaptive learning capabilities to personalize the experience to multiple learner criteria.

Support for automatically-generated question variations to provide unlimited levels of practice saves time and builds confidence.

Benefits and Results

Realizeit’s approach to adaptive learning is, by its nature, constantly assessing strengths and weaknesses and optimizing the time to reinforce and shore up each learner’s knowledge. The learning GPS interface engages learners to spend more time on the areas of greatest need.



The visibility each candidate gets into where they started and where they are now builds that confidence and encourages them to keep going.



Learners focus on the greatest areas of need while also confirming that their strengths are at the right level to be successful.


Reduced anxiety

Reduced anxiety at actual test time drives greater success in achieving certification.


Efficient test development

Reduced the effort for test developers by leveraging automated question generation.


The need to combine traditional subject-matter learning with skill building needed for career advancement is very much an upskilling story that is a perfect use of personalized adaptive learning. This type of learning approach can take any skill-based learning to a new level, allowing learners to speed past what they know and focus where it is important. In this case, teacher candidates at various levels of skill can advance at their own pace and be confident they are ready for the actual certification exam based on their personalized learning experience.

Want to learn more?

To discover more about how Realizeit can be your guide to personalizing learning for performance through its adaptive platform, contact us to get in touch.

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