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How an Energy Company Will Upskill Onboard-Crew Members

Customer Story - Energy and Mining Technology

Ensuring Safe Operations with Personalized Learning


About the Company

This technology company with headquarters in Europe and employees around the globe focuses on the energy industry by providing marine geophysics solutions used in oil and gas mining operations. It was on a mission to think more strategically about frontline training which would improve performance by minimizing incidents and repairs while vessels were at sea.


Challenges and Objectives

When this global energy services organization assessed its approach to learning, it decided to  think differently about frontline training, transforming it into a highly valued, strategic tool. There was strong interest in moving to a more agile, adaptive learning approach, and they needed to find the right technology to make the transformation a reality.

Classroom training was very expensive and inefficient due to wide geographic spread of employees and time spent on company vessels at sea.

Traditional eLearning efforts via the LMS were proving to be minimally effective.

Training did not provide the assurance of knowledge gained by the learners that the company required.

Cross-training of experienced employees via the LMS was ineffective as it was attempting to adjust for years of experience without accurately assessing knowledge.

The number of hydraulic-related incidents, failures, and repairs on the vessels were exceeding acceptable levels and required more urgent action.


The mechanical department at the fleet level had little time for onboarding training, and the company was unable to verify competency with traditional methods in the available timeframe. A new training system that could drive improvements in crew competency and upskill them in hydraulics was sought, with the goal being improvements in how the equipment was maintained. This would also be important for new-hire training,

The project involved building new content with input from hydraulics experts, re-engineering the existing material, and integrating freely available video content from web sources to deliver an adaptive, personalized learning experience.

Why Realizeit?

Mechanics on the vessels had a clear preference for visual and cognitive learning formats which proved to be a good fit with Realizeit's visually relatable GPS-for-learning experience.

Realizeit’s adaptive learning platform will enable learning in the field, reducing the need for expensive classroom learning and reducing costs and capital expenditures.

Competency of employees in new skills could be verified, going well beyond the traditional LMS’s measurement of completion rates.

Cross-training of experienced employees via the LMS was ineffective as it was not accurately assessing prior knowledge.

Adaptive Learning platforms allow managers to instantly train employees on the specific competency improvement needs and assess them pre- and post-training. The application of these and other new developments has long-term potential for our organization, especially as pressure to lower costs and increase efficiency drive digitization and are essential to improve business management and ensure safe operations.

Mark Smith, Vice President, Human Resources at Petroleum Geo-Services


Personalized learning is identified by company leadership as a critical go-forward strategy to transform its frontline training in a highly remote work environment. This is transforming learning into a continuous activity in the flow of work to sustain high levels of competency and performance. The company has found that their employees engage more with requisite training knowing that it shapes to their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Promise and Value Creation

There is also a lot of promise and value creation potential for the business by tying learning data and competence measurement to job performance. By combining the detailed learning data with safety data and more, this will enable more informed decisions and improvements leading to safe reliable operations off shore coupled with a dramatic increase in efficiency.


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