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How a Research-Based
Multi-National Is Accelerating Learning Impact

Customer Story: Global Leader in Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Integrating an AI-Powered Adaptive Catalyst for Personalization


About the Company

This multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company has been on a strategic journey to streamline their learning ecosystem, reducing from over 75 learning systems globally down to 15. In the process, the new standards for LMS, LXP, and LCMS technologies had already been chosen and implemented. With 80,000 employees globally spanning 100 countries and 25 languages, the company recognized the need for an adaptive learning platform to catalyze all learning assets through AI-powered personalization that could be easily integrated and leveraged at scale.


Challenges and Objectives

As part of their transformational journey to build the learning ecosystem of the future, the next step was finding the best Adaptive/Personalized learning technology that would accelerate their move to personalized learning. The goal was to complement and integrate with the rest of the technical environment that was at varying stages of implementation. Business needs that were not met by the native LMS and LXP capabilities included:

Personalizing onboarding learning paths for new hires to accelerate learning, engage new employees, and retain more knowledge

Speeding up and improving retention of mandatory compliance training through improved assessment and tracking of individual performance


Tailoring reskilling and upskilling to personalized needs by identifying knowledge gaps and enabling the exploration of new skills


Increasing efficiencies by avoiding unnecessary training and properly tailoring learning based on each employee’s knowledge


Improving insights into each learner’s strengths and weaknesses which was impeding coaching effectiveness


Tying learning to individual performance and business results


The solution will deliver on the above challenges, including speeding up onboarding and mandatory learning as well as skill building by automatically adapting to the learner’s existing knowledge. Greater insights will be delivered to managers so they can improve their coaching and help employees excel. The scope includes:

Adaptive Scope

Integrating adaptive-powered personalization by enhancing the existing learning ecosystem, which is anchored on leading LMS, LXP, and LCMS technologies.

Delivering for complex and varied needs across three organizational divisions.

  • Operations (Manufacturing, Distribution, IT)
  • R&D, Commercial (Sales, Product Management)
  • Enabling Services (HR, Finance, Sustainability)

Supporting the needs of multiple learning use cases including:

  • New-hire training/onboarding
  • Compliance training
  • Upskilling/reskilling
  • Product training for sales enablement
2 - Solution

Multiple Learning Use-Cases

New-hire training/onboarding

New-hire training/onboarding

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Compliance training

New-hire training/onboarding


New-hire training/onboarding

Product training for sales enablement

New-hire training/onboarding

Why Realizeit?

The company identified Realizeit as the right choice after undertaking an RFP process and examining company strategy, quality of the team, and the sophistication of the technology that will drive personalization at scale. The following were factors in the decision to choose Realizeit as a strategic partner:


Realizeit was rated highest during their evaluation on maturity of its adaptive solution and on vision around adaptive learning and AI technology.


Realizeit demonstrated the most mature adaptive learning engine, enabling the company to leapfrog to a differentiated, personalized learning experience.


Realizeit instilled the most confidence of all solutions that were evaluated to deliver on the personalized learning vision, operate at scale and integrate with their ecosystem.


The way in which Realizeit is built to integrate to other learning systems and does not require all content to be converted to an adaptive approach was key.


The Realizeit team earned the confidence of the organization through its know-how and its naturally consultative approach which is critical to integrate into an existing learning ecosystem.

Benefits and Results

The Realizeit system is being deployed to deliver adaptive/AI-based personalized learning at scale while integrating into the existing corporate learning ecosystem including the LCMS, LMS, and LXP.

Accelerated Onboarding

Onboarding is accelerated and personalized for varied levels of experience by adapting to prior knowledge

Continuous learning

Continuous learning with knowledge refreshers that are seamlessly integrated to the adaptive learning content and assessments.

Global Scale

Ability to integrate and manage complexity in a large-scale global environment

Leverage Any Content

Providing a flexible path to adaptive learning while leveraging content anywhere through integration to external content


Flexibility to expand across future needs, including coaching and performance management

The Missing Link to Accelerate Performance


Realizeit is providing the ability to integrate and manage personalization in a complex global environment in ways that the existing learning ecosystem could not deliver.  One-size-fits-all traning is being transitioned to personalized journeys that adapt to each learner's prior knowledge. Elearning and live virtual instruction will no longer be disjointed but will become a seamless blended experience.  Learning from onboarding to ongoing needs will become fully integrated including knowledge reinforcement that occurs as a natural process of the adaptive journey. Personalization powered by AI and integrated into the learning ecosystem is helping this company leapfrog to achieve its goals ahead of schedule.

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